How to make SMS-campaign

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The most effective marketing method to promote goods or services - is to contact directly with both potential and already loyal customer. SMS promotions to youraudience - a convenient alternative to the "live" conversation, and SMS promotions to attract new customers (mobile advertising) are working on increasing brand awareness, attracting the attention of potential customers. To get interest of the recipient and not be "one of many" one must take into account many factors. Let's start over.


6 rules that you should know to make a right sms-campaign:

  1. Make time work for you. If a message comes in the early morning or late at night, it will cause only negative and would be a waste of resources. Be sure to note the difference in time zones. This setting must be in the original service of SMS distribution.

  2. Do not abuse the air. The more the company name flashes in a heap of SMS messages, the stronger will be the opposite of the desired effect. The recommended number of sendings depends on the specific industry and type of SMS traffic

  3. Use a text, as a gift. If, in order to get the bonus, one needs to save the message, it is likely, that potential customer will not delete it, and leave in the phone "in a case", that can play in your favor.

  4. Do not miss the occasion to get closer. Clients have long been accustomed, that the date of birth recorded in the general framework of a questionnaire: awareness of this does not frighten, but only makes it possible to use existing information. General warm words is unlikely to be enough - use this opportunity to provide a personal bonus.

  5. Use capacious effective text. Do not use transliteration, create only readable and adequate text that will be pleasant to read. To determine the best text compose three options and arrange elections among friends and colleagues.

  6. Do not make the play "Guess what?!". Use the known alpanumeric sender name. Unknown senders always cause suspicions only, and certainly not willing to cooperate.


Define your audience

So, you have sender name for sending messages (the best are short digital or brand name), and you have chosen the text of SMS. There are only two options:

  • for sendings on existing customer base. It's time to note that the base for the distribution must be supported by the will of consent to receive messages from your company - this is an important option, without which none of official SMS-agencies will start to work. Then register on the website of SMS-sendings services. It is better to have a conversation with the manager of Agency before you start working. After clarifying all the details, login to your personal account and use the option "create sending". All you need is a sensible quality text and subscribers base;

  • to attract new client audience. Potential customers can be selected on the basis of - look like your target audience. Age, social status, region of residence, etc. To do this, you need to make a request to the mobile marketing agency and to consult about the mobile advertising services.


What you need to make a sms-promotion?

The large-scale SMS-promotion – give it to the professionals! With proper operation, you can get up to 80% of responses. All you need are:

  • a legal entity;

  • conditions of the promotion;

  • registered sender-name (brand name);

  • customers phone number base with the mandatory consent of the client to receive notifications (for sending an internal archive).

The rest of the work is left to the agency with a direct connection to all mobile operators. They are, in practice, know how to choose the correct time to send, that is written in the SMS and what it is not necessary to mention in the text. Using the services of an official SMS service, you run a high-quality material and simplify your work with the help of personal manager, who will lead your projects.