SMS polls service


SMS-poll service is necessary if company wants receive feedbacks from their Customers quickly. Monitoring can be carried out on any subject, from improvement of service level in stores and up to a choice of the best employee. SMS poll — an effective and useful way of communication with Customers!

A possible scenario of service:

  • Customers, participating in the SMS-poll, get a message like this: "Hello! We would be very grateful if you could answer on question: "What can be improved in our stores?" 1 - assortment, 2 - service, 3 – everything is already good. Thank you! Your XXXXXXX";

  • the customer/subscriber sends a reply SMS with the selected answer, for example, "3";

  • at any time employee of the company enters personal account (to system of Rapporto) via the Internet and see the results of the current SMS poll.

Realization of this service doesn't require integration; it can be brought into operation within 1-2 days.

Do not forget that the SMS-poll is important not only to the company but also to its customers. Due to answers on poll questions, heads of the organization make decisions on improvement of quality of service, the assortment. Opinions of customers play a defining role here, because after all the company is guided by their wishes and recommendations.

Feedback of the consumers makes business more profitable and perspective. In order to get quickly answers on SMS poll from customers, company can develop a system of bonuses for them. For example, discounts for certain goods or small gifts will certainly delight Customers!

Rapporto gives you a great opportunity to organize SMS-poll! With its help you can get in touch with your customers, to know their tastes and wishes.

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