SMS Hot Line service

The service "SMS Hot Line" is designed to receive any text SMS from your customers and alows further analysis by the employees of the company's.


  1. The client(subscriber) sends to a short number XXXX a following form message: .

    For example, «Loc. More face treatments needed."

  2. The client(subscriber) receives a response message with the text "Thank you for your message, your opinion is very important for us!"

  3. An employee of the company at any time via the Internet enters the system of Rapporto and view a list of all messages received on a given channel.

The implementation of SMS Hot-line does not require integration, it is possible to launch the service in one - two days.

This service can also be implemented via USSD number, which is leased from the mobile operators individually for the customer. The process of implementing the service via USSD number takes 20 working days.

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