SMS banking

СМС БАНКИНГSMS banking - one of today's most popular banking services provided to clients remotely, using mobile communications. SMS banking works as follows: after the operation with the bank card account user receives a message that contains information about the transaction amount, a part of his bank card account number, date, time and place of the transaction (the address of branch / office or ATM).

High quality work of SMS banking services from Rapporto company achieved by using its own platform and a full system of hardware and software. The safety of your information is ensured by the secure data transfer protocols.


  • sending SMS  to card holders after each transaction;

  • notification of the remaining funds in the account;

  • sending any information via SMS-messages;

  • allows client to control the money on his account.


  • to implement an automated transmission and reception of SMS-messages via the Internet (protocols HTTP / HTTPS, SMPP and others.);

  • to monitor the status of SMS in real time via the web interface;

  • the instant delivery of messages during 24 hours regardless of the customer location, the main condition of delivery - the availability of the subscriber within the mobile network. If the subscriber is switched off or out of the coverage area, the message will be delivered when phone turn on or enter into the network coverage area;

  • to send sms on behalf of the bank (for quick identification by the user), hotline numbers (for voice response) or short numbers (for getting client response).

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