Short number services

Rapporto offers you implementation of the services based on short SMS-numbers. Numbers can be rented or purchased. Access is granted to 99% of mobile operators network coverage in Russia.

Short number - the number of the type of 1234. The main difference for the subscriber is charging for SMS.

  • Short number has a fixed value of the subscriber request.

    Typically, these numbers are used to pay for any services and selected on the base of the economic reasons of cost per request. The range of cost per request to short number can be different, we offer a unified pool of numbers of more than 20 mobile operators in Russia with request cost from 2 roubles. to 354 roubles., including VAT

  • The cost of renting a short number for you depends on the conditions.

    If the number is rented on exclusive terms (no one does not use it), the connection fee can range from 200,000 roubles. and will take about two months, and each month of rent will be charged, about 10% of the cost of short number implementation. These prices are approximate and are valid for a standard number. "Beautiful" numbers are more expensive. Using a short number with "the prefix" there is no fee for connection and renting. But in each SMS request from the subscriber at the beginning of the message should be a certain sequence - prefix of the request.

  • There is an opportunity to provide a new short numbers or to ensure the retention and support of the already working one.

  • For calculating the cases must be considered that 40 to 50% from the request cost to the short number branches out to the mobile operators.

  • Certain percentage from the cost of each SMS-message recieved from Subscribers transfered to the Partner(Customer), after our mutual settlements with the mobile operators.

  • Partner code ("prefix") provided for free.

  • Online statistics with the ability to track the daily traffic volume.

  • Optimization of all related business processes.

  • It is also important to consider the technical limitations – the subscriber can not send a request to the short number, if he is outside of Russia.

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