Automatic notification of club card balance change

This service allows sending in an automatic mode SMS with club card balance to the Clients of the company.

The scenario of the service:

  • The client make a purchase and the balance of his card changes

  • The information about the balance change fixes on the company’s server, which holds information about cards balances

  • The server sends HTTP-GET request to Rapporto system, in the body of which it passes a text message to the Client, f.ex.:”The balance of your card is XXXXX. Thank you for your purchase, Yours “XXXXX””.

  • Rapporto system processing data and sends to the Client SMS with the received text.

The realization of this service requires integration with the company’s server which keeps the club card balance data. There are a range of comfortable integration interfaces in the Rapporto’s system; if there is an opportunity to use one of them the service launch time can be reduced up to 1-2 days.

For precisely assessment of the launch time it is necessary to carry out coordination with the IT department of the company.

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