Bulk MMS service

Bulk MMS service from Rapporto company

MMS allows to display information about a product or service more visible and accessible than SMS. The main difference from the SMS - the ability to include into a message media content such as photos, video and audio, thus sending MMS is an affordable way to provide the Customer with information that will give him a complete concept of the product or service.

Expanding possibilities of advertising and brands promotion, MMS messages helps to increase the level of trustiness of your customers to the brand. /

MMS sending offers consumers to visualize your message. Such approach helps to reduce a distance between you and your customer.

The advantages of bulk MMS:

  • fast and free receiving of information by the consumer regardless of his location in Russia and mobile operator;

  • a full concept about different goods and the services, is formed by sending MMS to customer;

  • creation of an attractive image of the company - sending messages directly to the subscriber's mobile phone, you will save his time and thus prepossess him;

  • establishing light and confidential communication with the customer: to receive the colourful image or video by means of MMS is very pleasant;

  • Improvement of the communication between consumer and brand, as the competent and elaborated MMS causes interest to goods/service.

By using this service, you keep steady interest of your Customers to your products and services.

Unfortunately, this type of service is currently not available for commercial use at mobile network.

We will inform you on when the service will be put into commercial operation again.

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