SMS sending within Russia and CIS

SMS platform "Rapporto" has the only direct connections to all operators. Working with our platform guarantees you:

  • Transparent prices;

  • The reliability of the contractor;

  • Ability to preview the final cost of each sending;

  • 24 hour support 7 days a week;

  • Unlimited bandwidth of the SMS channels;

  • Online report is available immediately after the start of deliveries.

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Transparent prices

We do not confuse our clients with understated prices. The price of one SMS - is directly depends on the amount of your database and the number of sendings within a month.

*Average price per SMS, on the traffic volume from 1 up to 50 000 SMS/month.

1,2 RUR * 1,43 RUR * 1,35 RUR * 1,4 RUR * 1,4 RUR *

If the amount of your traffic is MORE than mentioned above, the COST

should be specified individually.

Ask for personal commercial proposal

4 steps for starting SMS sending


  • Discuss conditions, conclude the contract for the SMS-sendings, confirm the sender name (up to 11 characters)

  • You get access to your personal account (username / password), authorise yourself and start creating a sending (button - "Create Sending")

  • Load subscribers base, add text of the SMS, and set the time and date of the start of the distribution. Confirm your sending.

  • After starting of the distribution, you can view reports / statistics on the sending in online mode.

If you have a CRM, and SMS-sendings should be generated automatically, then the first thing you need to do is to call us at 8 495 107-90-94, and we will help you to select the type of interface protocol for integration:
  • Discuss conditions, conclude the contract for the SMS-sendings, confirm the sender name (up to 11 characters)

  • We need your IP-addresses to make systems integration.

  • You use Rapporto’s platform for fast SMS sendings of advertising and transactional messages

None of the protocols fits you? So, we will develop an individual connection type:

How to adapt SMS sending for your segment   

Read selected recommendations on Rapporto blog.

Personal data handling and storage 

SMS center of Rapporto has a three-tier level of information protection, in which all data is encrypted. Servers are based in the best data centers of Moscow, which prevents any possibility of personal data loss.

Customer reviews 

The result of our work is a regular customers, the cooperation with them is calculated in years. During 8 years, we have provided services for SMS informing and Mobile Advertising to more than 300 leading companies of federal and international levels. Upon request, we are always willing to provide letters of recommendation.

Степанова Ирина Николаевна

Stepanova Irina, Retail advertising director, ITAITA

"For us, of course, SMS-informing of our consumer base - is the most powerful engine of the sales. We carefully study preferences of our customers and we try to create SMS-newsletter that is based on it.

In the market of SMS-informing, the most valued are the loyal companies with a qualified service. With the "Rapporto" we have been working for many years, and it felt always like the service is adapted to the customer - and it's priceless. I say this, because I do have something to compare. When I needed a special report "Undelivered numbers", for example, with a frequency of 3 to 6 months, you do it right away and provided it in adapted for us form. "


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