Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing - this type of communication, the purpose of which is to achieve the marketing goals of the company with the help of mobile phones. This is a young but very popular form of advertising, which allows you to interact with the client via cell phone. Mobile marketing has significant advantages compared with traditional forms of advertising. The oyal target audience prefer this method of getting information. According to «TNS Russia», in October 2013 the number of mobile Internet users in Russia amounted to 21.5 million people - a little less than half of all Internet users. And in 2014, the number of smartphone users has exceeded the number of phone users in the country, 64% versus 66%. 24 000 000 unique visitors per month in our country make a registeration from their mobile phones in mail accounts.

Advertising and promotion of your brand, using mobile marketing covering a wide audience, increase your profits. In addition, this method of communication will make the relationship between the company and customers more confidencial.

What is included in the mobile marketing?

  1. Advertising in the mobile versions of websites, banners in the mobile Internet;

  2. Advertising in applications

  3. Advertising on thematic websites;

  4. The toolbar in the mobile internet;

  5. Voice messages (IVR - voice menu allows through the answering machine, to inform, to make an order, to learn about promotions, discounts, events, etc.);

  6. Email sendings;

  7. Development of mobile applications;

  8. Mobile Virtual Card;

Features of Mobile Marketing

High level of loyalty to the type of communication: smartphone users when visiting websites in the mobile internet see the teaser, and optimize themselves expenses for mobile communication. This ad is not perceived as "spam", because users themselves make the choice to move to the landing page of the website or not. The task of such advertising – to engage. This way of advertising helps to increase recognition and customer loyalty, as well as stimulate sales in the mode of on-line. A key feature is that the information provided is usually exactly what the user needs at this moment.

Advantages of mobile marketing in front of other marketing tools:

  • Mobile marketing increases the number of responses to the campaign due to the promotion of a product or service among a well targeted audience.

  • Advertising message will be delivered to subscribers for whom it is really important.

  • Mobile marketing allows companies not only generate and increase brand recognition, but also increase the number of calls to its call center (or on the website) and stimulate sales.

  • Mobile marketing allows you to get feedback from your customers

  • Opening new innovative prospects in mobile advertising changes and closes the capabilities of many standard media channels.

  • This type of advertising reduces and optimizes your budget for advertising campaigns.

Contact mobile marketing agency "Rapporto" by calling 8 (495) 107-90-94, and increase the number of your customers, and with it your profit!

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