SMS to MTS subscribers

Sending SMS to MTS subscribers - it is an effective way of place your advertisemnet in a variety of formats adapted for mobile phones.

The active subscriber base of MTS in Russia at the beginning of 2013 - 71.68 million people, so sending SMS to MTS - the way to achieve full contact with your target audience and giving it a new and necessary information about your company.


  • SMS sendings;

  • MMS sendings;

  • SMS-response to the request of balance;

  • the service "Missed call."


  • Targeting - a mechanism to select part of the audience that meet specified criteria (the target audience), and display advertising it to her;

  • customers loyalty: SMS sendings to MTS subscribers - sending messages to customers who have agreed to receive it;

  • innovative features and resource interactivity – providing activity, quizzes, contests, raffles with customers feedback. With the help of bulk SMS MTS subscribers are able to dial the advertisers number or link to a website with detailed information directly from the message;

  • proximity of advertising to the user - the mobile phone is in everyone's daily life;

  • optimization of costs - high profitability of an advertising campaign by targeting and flexible system of discounts.


  • targeting of interest;

  • geotargeting online;

  • targeting areas calls.


  • on calls;

  • transition to the website link;

  • by USSD short code * 555 * xxx #

* The number of characters in one SMS-message - 210 characters in Cyrillic including spaces and punctuation.

Rapporto is the official partner of MTS. Details on the website:

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