SMS to Beeline subscribers

Sending SMS to subscribers of Beeline - is the ability to provide your customers with the relevant information via SMS-messages.

57 million people - active subscriber base in Russia at the beginning of 2013. Thus, with the help of SMS sent to subscribers of Beeline the huge amount of potential customers of your company can become real.

Sending SMS to subscribers of Beeline - is one of the most effective methods aimed at establishing a strong relationship with your company with the customers.


  • existence of paid transaction made by subscriber, detalization by subject of the Russian Federation;

  • the average revenue of subscriber per month for mobile communication (ARPU)

    cities and administratve centers of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the fact of the use of the services of SMS, MMS, mobile Internet, the tariff planof the subscriber;

  • operating system of the phone

    as well as the phone model, the international \ national roaming (up to region, country, operator), the purchase of multimedia content on the topics, period of continuous rent of the telephone number;

  • georeferencing of the subscriber

    the city \ village \ street \ home, geographical distance from the specified coordinates (weekdays \ weekend, day \ night), interests of the target audience.

Beeline gives an opportunity to inform quickly potential customers via SMS. Moreover, sending SMS to subscribers of Beeline helps generate knowledge about your product, service, brand, increase loyalty to it and to encourage the purchase.

* The number of characters in one SMS-messages - up to 192 characters in Cyrillic including spaces and punctuation. ** Minimum advertising budget - 50 thousand rubles, including VAT.

Rapporto is the official partner of OJSC "Vimpel-Communications"(brand name Beeline).

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