Sending messages via messengers - Something new?!

These three messengers - are fresher way to inform your customers. Send promotional text and multimedia messages to subscribers with smartphones with iOS, Android and WindowsPhone platforms.

Messenger can be called a new branch in SMS advertising. Subscribe via Imessage intended only for users Iphone. SMS messages are of the form.

The main differences of Messenger from SMS:

  • The message consists of 200 characters rather than 70 as in the SMS.

  • Originality of communication.

  • The highest coefficient of feedbacks and low price.

  • There is no law limiting in comparison with SMS.

The most advanced audience at a confidence level actively using these applications to contact with friends, family and colleagues.

Key Benefits:

  • The message consist of up to 1000 characters;

  • Ability to target by geo-reference (any city in the Russian Federation);

  • Sending can be organised within 3 working days;

For getting an individual commercial offer for the service you are interested in, leave a request or contact our managers by phone 8 (495) 107-90-94.

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