GEO-SMS and USSD-service

GEO-SMS, also known as Geoadvertisement - a promotional text messages sent to subscribers of Beeline, MTS and MegaFon, which are in the time of distribution in a given Geolocation (geo-line), or have a relation to this place or have been in this location previously (off-line geo: live, work or often is there).


  • The ability to reach audiences in the radius of 100 meters to 5 kilometers in the zone of geolocation you are interested in.

    Depending on the advertisers wishes there are opportunities to send messages to the subscribers near the point of sale or, after previously made analysis, to send messages to the subscriber's who visits this specified places frequently;

  • The legitimacy of the base;

  • Customer’s loyalty.

USSD service - SMS messages sent to subscribers of mobile operator MegaFon, containing short USSD-combination. By dialing USSD-code subscriber can find out the next 3 addresses of Advertiser.


  • The ability to provide relevant information in the geolocation of sales points depending on the location of the subscriber.

    At the time of a customer request, geo-location service determines his location and offers a currently valid information about advertiser: the next three addresses;

  • The legitimacy of the base;

  • Customer's loyalty.

If you would like to get an individual commercial proposal on services GEO-SMS or USSD service, leave an inquiry, or contact our managers by phone 8 (495) 107-90-94.

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