SMPP protocol

Interaction is carried out under the SMPP protocol (Short Message Peer to Peer) of version 3.4. Use of both 1-socket(transceiver), and 2-socket connection (transmitter/receiver) is possible. The maximum number of simultaneously working SMPP sessions with one login is adjusted for each partner, individually based on requirements.

Protection of the interface is carried out by IP addresses. The SMPP server of the Rapporto rejects connection attempts from the IP addresses which haven't been specified by the Partner in advance as the admissible. In case of need, additional encrypting of a traffic with the use of VPN-connection between systems of Rapporto and the Partner is possible.

For interface setup on Rapporto side partner should provide the following information:

  • a Set of IP addresses of the Partner from which it is necessary to allow access to the interface.

  • Service number or set of numbers which will be used at interaction. If it is required to allow sending messages from any number (the dynamic signature) — it should be specified separately.

  • What message sending speed (PDU/sec) is required.

  • Whether it is required to the Partner to receive reports on delivery to his system.

If the interface is adjusted in a testing mode, it is necessary to specify the following parameters in addition:

  • the estimated volume of tests (number of sent messages)

  • the period of testing after which the decision of interface use or not will be made.

  • whether the interface in a test mode has to carry out real delivery of SMS to phone numbers.

After carrying out necessary settings, Partner gets SMPP connection requisites: host, port, login and password.