MegaFon has changed the price on MMS!

Изменения в тарификации на MMS по абонентам Мегафон

There are changes in price of MMS-sending to subscribers of MegaFon beginning from November 1, 2016.

Now, to the base cost of MMS-message the target "Opportunities of device" (0.40 rub. per contact) will be added automatically. Target identification involves a preliminary list of devices for distribution of MMS.

From 01.11.2016 the number of characters in one part of MMS-message is equal to the standard amount of characters in SMS and becomes equal to 70 characters + image.

Also, for our customers from November 1, 2016 will be available option "Response" - the ability to get incoming SMS-messages from subscribers.

At the moment "Response" service is available in test mode and the condition of use is discussed individually.

Currently, the following notes is applied on to service "Response":

  1. The use of option is only possibl via using a digital identifier (short number or numerical signature).

  2. You may receive incoming SMS-messages only from subscribers of MegaFon.

Prices for all SMS services can be viewed here.