Money saved

Consumer activity is sky-rocketing just as the number of new stores, boutiques and retail centres. Sometimes it seems that this breakaway demand is simply impossible to satisfy. At the same time it’s so easy for the consumer to get lost in the multitude of offers. Most of the time, an average consumer will choose a well-known shopping route over discovering something new and unknown. We can help you and your customers make the choice before setting foot in a retail outlet; stimulate purchases and save time at minimum cost.

Try the following SMS services and before long you’ll come to appreciate their benefits:

  • Notifying customers about discounts, promo actions, special offers, new merchandise

  • Notifying customers about filling an order and its status

  • Notifying customers about the opening of a new store/boutique

  • Congratulating your most valued customers on holidays and birthdays

  • Club card info service for companies that use discount cards. This service allows you to send information about the total price of a customer’s purchases directly to their mobile phone. The customer is also provided with information about how much more money they need to spend at your store to get a discount card with a higher nominal value.

  • SMS surveys

  • Subscription to SMS newsletters

To get more information about a service you’re interested in, you can contact our managers using the phone numbers and email addresses found in the contacts section