Owning a home is a keystone of wealth.. both financial affluence and emotional security

In a rapidly changing world, only your own home remains the secret place to which people will always seek for. According to the data given by Accenture, the audience 45 years still prefers computers instead of mobile phones (51% vs. 21%, relatively), generation Y (18 years old) prefer mobile phones to their computers (47% vs. 38%, relatively). And this trend is growing. Therefore, now one of the main and most useful tools of communication is the mobile phone.

For companies in the "real estate" field, it is important to communicate with their clients in cases pbefore the sale, exchange of real estate, and in the cases of post sales service. The ideal solution for this companies is SMS marketing. For example, the agency has a base of customers who are interested in a particular object, and if there is a discount or any other additional proposal for this real estate, proposal can be launched via SMS to a segmented group of contacts, motivating client to buy a house profitabely.

Effective tools for attracting new audiences are:

  • Mobile advertising (to attract potential clients via various types of targeting)

  • SMS messages with information about discounts and promotions on the real estate (also possible to target subscribers of the "Malina" loyalty program);

  • Oportunity to send SMS to subscribers near a residential complex in the mode of online / offline with reference to the geolocation.

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